In November 18th, Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Logging Company quality and completed the new China geological survey of oil and gas resources survey center 3 cable bridge plug hydraulic perforating and well temperature logging construction tasks, marked by the company independent research and development of the country’s first cable transmission type hydraulic bridge plug technology into the social market.

The technology of cable closed perforation is a new perforating technology developed by the company based on multi-level perforation technology. It can carry out cable perforation operation under the condition of a certain pressure in the wellbore. The company independent research and development of cable transmission type hydraulic bridge plug setting tool changing the oil engineering history of the traditional powder packer bridge plug technology, the biggest advantage is the use of electronic control hydraulic pushing, avoiding the use of gunpowder from storage, transportation, construction and a series of manpower constraints, and solve the problem of high temperature and high pressure cable perforation wells.

The new Ma Shen 3 well is a coal bed gas well deployed by the China Geological Survey in Manasi County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang. The design requires the completion of the routine cable perforation, the pressure bridge plug perforation and the pressure measurement well.

After receiving the construction task, the company attaches great importance to, considering the well from the Luntai project department base more than 900 kilometers, arrange the project Department Manager LED special wells in the perforation site, full control, formulate, snow frost protection and heat preservation operation, safety and environmental protection and other sets of emergency response plan. In the construction site, the construction team to overcome the distance, heavy snow and cold weather, construction tasks and other unfavorable factors, after 10 days of hard fighting, the successful completion of the construction tasks of all projects, won the unanimous approval of Party A, the country’s first hydraulic cable bridge plug technology in construction, Chinese geological survey market started Jianghan brand.