Module Flexible Powerful Tractor(MFPT)


  • It’s used for log,perforation Bridge plug setting in horizontal well.


  • Complete hydraulic structure, lower rate of trouble shooting and easy to maintain.
  • Actuating with self-adapting capability, which can be suitable for the casing OD changing, casing transformation, even against the effect of perforation, screen and other complex well head effect, and enhance the abilities to adapt in complicated environment.
  • Multi-level safety structure, guarantees the operation safety.
  • Adopts module structure design. A varity of configuration by customer based on the need and location well conditions.
  • The cartridge, hydraulic power unit and the horizontal pulling sub and vertical pulling sub is the basic configuration.
  • Single pulling sub driving force is 2800N. Based on the requirement,different pulling sub can be adopted to have enough pulling force.
  • Can used for casing hole and open hole.


  • Electronic Cartridge(MTEC)
  • Hydraulic Power Unit(MTHP)
  • Main driving Unit(MTMD)
  • Auxiliary driving Unit(MTAD)


Temperature : -250C〜1750C;

Pressure: 15000/20000psi;

〇.D_: 03-1/8”(79mm);




Draw Force: 2800N @Single pulling sub;

11000N @4 pulling sub Comb (Normally);

Customers can select a MTMD + MTAD,also can select multiplesets of driving unit cascaded.

Draw Speed: 10m/min;

CableL:mono-cable/7-conductor cable;

Ower Supply: 0-210VDC/250VAC;

Casing Size: 5-1/2 — 9-7/8

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